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The Toyota 86 is one of my favorite sporty vehicles out there. It used to be the Scion FR-S which was still pretty cool, but now it has been made into a Toyota. In the conversion between a Scion FR-S to a Toyota 86, along with the overall design, it also gained all the benefits, reliability, and safety that the Toyota brand has. The body style of the Toyota 86 is very comparable to the Subaru BRZ as well. I like sporty looking cars and the 86 has always caught my eye. I love the way it drives and how comfortable it is the sit in. It has options for both manual and automatic which gives everybody an option. The 86 gives you the aesthetic of driving an expense sports car all while being completely affordable.  I even once heard it being mistaken for a Ferrari!

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One of the things that I find coolest about the Toyota 86 is that it has an option for driving in the snow called Snow mode. The 86 is rear wheel drive so this comes in clutch especially in areas where it is prone to snow more and have harsher conditions. Snow mode makes it easier to drive in the snow by canceling out the first gear and going right into second. By doing this it makes it so that you don't spin out or lose control as easily if you are accelerating on snow or really wet surfaces. Overall, I think the the Toyota 86 is extremely safe and reliable. Although RWD gets a bad rep for being dangerous, I think Toyota managed to make it safer than ever. 

-Sami Davis

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