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2018 Toyota Corolla iM 

Here is a little Toyota knowledge; did you know that the original Toyota Corolla now has a hatchback model! Who would have imagined! Now you have more cargo space, a better-looking ride, and now the optional 6 speed manual transmission! Yes, you heard me right. This little car has a comfortable 6 speed manual. I had the opportunity to drive one, and it was responsive and Fun! I love to drive a manual and am happy that Toyota is still putting manuals into their cars. The Toyota Corolla iM isn’t anything completely different than the Corolla sedan. It is still the long-lasting, efficient Toyota that everyone loves. This car is really for the new generation who are after an economical, safe, and good-looking hatchback. It can be for your daily commuter, your kids first car, or even a small family car. Either way, before you go to somewhere where you know they have a hatchback, give the new 2018 Toyota Corolla iM a try. I think you will be really impressed.

-Kyle Dwiggins 
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