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The Toyota 86

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Some people can spend $100k on a sports car, for those who don’t have that amount of money,
there is the Toyota 86. Bringing Toyotas, reliability, and engineering expertise to the racing world. With
a cool 205 horsepower the 86 has some amazing torque and power. I love the look and feel of the 86, it
looks like a small mini dodge viper. When driving the 86 you don’t have to try to hard to experience the
full functioning power of the 86. This vehicle is the most affordable sports car on the road, for the entry
level price you can have top of the line racing experiences.

The other thing that makes the 86 awesome for the do-it- your-selfer is that it has a very
customizable engine. With many unique add ons that allow you to make the 86 the car of your dreams.
From the duel exhaust to adding a turbo or giving the 86 more horsepower. You can even add a cold air
intake and make the dang thing track ready. With the rear wheel drive that thing is a drift machine,
overall the 86 presents itself simply and doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to what its here to do.
Which is quite simply, to go fast, now. If that’s what you want, then this is the car for you.

- Dustin Glenn
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