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The 2018 Tacoma is one of my favorite vehicles we have to look at. It has a rugged yet sport look to it that is great for adventures and commute. The 2018 Tacoma has safety features like the CRAWL control which regulates control and modulates the throttle when you are off-roading. The updated features inside the truck are soft touch to create a comfortable feel as well as the room and leather seats give you room to relax while your 2018 Tacoma does all the work.

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My especially favorite color of the 2018 Tacoma is the Cavalry Blue. It’s not too bright but still lets you stand out in a crowd. The lift added to a Tacoma along with the slim body gives it an attractive look on the road. While driving the Tacoma I especially enjoyed the ride. One thing that stuck out to me is how smooth the truck drove. The added safety features and the build of the Tacoma successfully delivers control and comfort other than big bulky trucks that feel every bump on the road. I highly recommend coming into drive the 2018 Tacoma for its updated technology, features and if you are looking for an adventure, the Tacoma is a perfect fit!

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