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You can’t go wrong with the newest Toyota Tacoma’s. The last year, they started making certain Toyota
models with a safety package that had lane departure warning and assist with a radar system for your
adaptive cruise control. The Tacoma’s that year didn’t have them, however, this year, they integrated it
into All the Tacoma models. My favorite of the model’s is the TRD Sport. It has a different package that
is more for the daily driver type. The off-road model is awesome, but for what I do on a daily basis, the
Sport is more that suits my needs.
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The TRD Sport model will have that gorgeous hood scoop that you see on the rare TRD PRO. It
will also have a more road friendly suspension and tires that are nicer for the ride. It can come with
heated seats, blind spot monitor, and So much more. Toyota Tacoma’s really know how to make a great truck, and its something that you can keep for so long! Even if you only keep your truck for a few years and
upgrade, the Tacoma has the Highest resale value of Any vehicle I have ever seen. It’s great for that. If
you like looking at them go down the road, you need to get in one for sure.

- Kyle 
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