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The Toyota Prius Prime is a cool car.  

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This is honestly the first time I have seen or driven this car and I was surprised.  First of all, it has a different look.  The rear window is probably the coolest window I have ever seen. It isn’t just a flat or curved window, it has a dip in the middle to help make it more aerodynamic so it can get the best gas mileage possible. The Prius Prime looks very futuristic from the outside in.  When you get inside the seats hug you and feel like you are in a spaceship.  The HUGE infotainment screen definitely helps aid the feeling too.  Then you use the park assist and you know this is out of this world.  I know I would abuse this feature and forget how to park a car myself.  It drives really well too.  The Toyota Prius Prime doesn’t feel sluggish or powerless, you feel like you are getting away with something when you drive it.  Imagine being able to drive to work, around town to run errands and back home without EVER having to pay for gas!  This is a plug and drive hybrid.  All you have to do is plug the Prius Prime in at your house when you get home.  That’s it!


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