Titusville, PA was the site of the very first commercial oil pump in the United States. Oil was discovered there because of its tendency to naturally bubble up in a spring, leaching into Oil Creek. Now, rather than taking oil from the creek, Toyota is after its water.

Is water a fuel? It can be, with the process of electrolysis. A current is run through water between an anode and a cathode. The energy of the electricity breaks apart the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen that make up an H2O molecule. The hydrogen binds to itself, forming an H2 molecule, which can be contained, and compressed, and used to power the Toyota Mirai.

Hydrogen is an ideal fuel, because it makes up about 75% of the mass in the entire universe. Of course, down here on Earth, it's not just floating free-- it tends to bind to things. It bonds so readily, in fact, that it's found in every organic molecule on the planet, as well as many inorganic molecules like water.

In other words, fuel for the Toyota Mirai can be found almost anywhere, including cow poop. Interested in learning more about this fuel of the future? Visit Young Toyota Scion, and test drive a new vehicle while you're here!

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