When your car needs servicing or repairs, should you take it to the dealership or an independent shop? In many cases, opting for the dealership can offer the best combination of expertise and customer experience. Consider these seven perks of dealership servicing when deciding where to take your vehicle. Technical Training Mechanics at dealerships receive factory training for specific models so that every vehicle coming through the doors can be given the best possible treatment. After meeting with a service adviser, your car is assigned to a mechanic with the proper tools and techniques to fix the problem. Ongoing training ensures all technicians are up on the latest procedures to keep your car in top condition and each knows the quirks of the particular vehicle you drive. Original Equipment (OE) Parts All repairs performed at a dealership must be done with "original equipment" (OE) parts. Using OE parts means broken or faulty pieces are always replaced with exact duplicates meeting all the manufacturer's specifications. While it's possible to obtain OE parts at an independent shop, it's common to choose a third-party part in an effort to save money. These parts can be of inferior quality and have a limited lifespan. Getting an OE repair at a dealership means each part meets the standards required by the vehicle manufacturer. Dealership repairs using OE parts are often covered by an initial 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty, meaning you may not have any repair bills for the first year after buying your car. Warranties are also available on the labor at some dealerships for added peace of mind. Warranty Perks A warranty on labor means your car can be fixed for free at any associated dealership if a repair fails. Adding this to the free repairs for the duration of your original warranty means you can save a significant amount of money by choosing a dealership over an independent shop. In some cases, extended warranties are available on certain parts and repairs. Occasionally, manufacturers discover problems unique to specific vehicle makes, models or years and issue a special warranty on repairs for that problem. It's likely you won't hear about these warranties unless you encounter the issue. The dealership should have all the information about the repairs and be able to perform them for free. More Space and Better Equipment Dealerships have an advantage when it comes to space. Their lots are much larger than those of most independent mechanics, giving them more room for repair bays and the ability to work on multiple vehicles at once. Larger staff sizes mean more mechanics are on hand to perform servicing and repairs at any given time. Additional facilities, such as on-site car washes, mean you may get an extra "perk" from the dealership and discover your vehicle is not only running better but also sparkling clean when you arrive to pick it up. Dealers have access to the latest information about vehicle specifications and can get new tools when they're first released. This translates to superior service when problems with modern systems are discovered. Diagnostic and repair tools designed to work with the technology in today's vehicles can save a lot of headaches when it comes to discovering and repairing issues related to electronic components. Up-to-Date Recall Information Although it may seem like you hear about vehicle recalls on the news all the time, it's likely some recall details aren't reported. You should receive information in the mail regarding recalls affecting your vehicle, but if you change your address and wind up missing forwarded mail, the notification could pass you by. Manufacturers alert dealerships to all recalls and issue additional "technical service bulletins" for smaller problems relating to particular models. When you bring your car in for service, the dealer should perform an automatic check to determine if any recalls are in effect. If one is discovered, associated repairs may be performed right away by a certified technician. Not all independent garages have easy access to the same information. Customer Experience Car repairs come with the added stress of wondering how long you'll have to wait to get your vehicle back; how you'll get around without it; and whether you can afford alternate transportation. Going to a dealership can put these worries to rest. If you work in the area, many dealerships able to provide quick shuttle service so that you can drop off your car and get to your job without needing to arrange for a ride. Some dealers, usually those selling luxury cars, will give you a "loaner" off the lot until your car has been repaired. Others have agreements with rental car companies to provide vehicles to customers. If you have to wait at the dealership for a short service or repair job, you might find a "lounge" area with coffee and tea, comfortable chairs and even television to pass the time. Added Consumer Value The more often you choose a dealership for service and repairs, the more "value" you have to them. Only about 45 percent of vehicle owners use the dealership's service department during the first two years of owning a vehicle, but dealers want to retain customers. It's their hope you'll not only buy another car from them in the future but also recommend their location to others. Today's companies consider customer relationships one of the most important aspects of brand building, and developing such a relationship with your dealer could save you time and money if something unexpected goes wrong with your vehicle. Since they want you to have a good experience, they're more likely to rise to the occasion in an emergency. Even if you know an independent mechanic whose work you trust, it's clear there are times when going to a dealership is a better idea. The next time your car needs servicing or repairs, consider heading to the dealership and taking advantage of all they have to offer.


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