Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota cares about your safety and well-being. To have as much control over that as possible, they included a group of outstanding safety features, called Toyota Safety Sense, in most newer Toyota vehicles. The program includes features such as Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beams, and many more.

Pre-Collision System

This feature helps avoid frontal crashes and collisions with other vehicles on the road by applying the brakes if it feels they are needed. This system also helps to detect pedestrians and other objects in the road with radars and cameras.

Lane Departure Alert

If the car feels you are drifting lanes unintentionally, it will alert you to keep from colliding with other cars. It is also a great way to keep drivers awake and attentive on the road. The camera mounted on the windshield makes this technology possible.

Automatic High Beams

The same windshield camera can detect incoming cars and their headlights. Your Toyota will automatically slightly dim your headlights, to avoid blinding other cars on the road. 

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

This feature helps keep your Toyota a secure distance from the car directly in front of you. A radar and camera work together to determine the perfect amount space and right speed for you to be traveling.

Young Toyota has employees that will make you feel comfortable and secure, just like Toyota Safety Sense. At the dealership located in Logan, you can test drive the sleek new vehicles to experience all the amazing features Toyotas have to offer, including the outstanding technology of the Toyota Safety Sense.