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Below is a review of the latest trucks from Toyota that are available in our dealership and a highlight of the outstanding features that you could enjoy after buying the trucks.

2019 Toyota Tacoma

Vehicle Overview

The 2019 Tacoma features significant improvements although its main selling point is the reputation that it has kept over the years. For many years, the truck has successfully attracted shoppers and the trend is expected to continue. The model still retains some of its known features such as chunky enticing looks, standard advanced safety features, and its off-road prowess. The 2019 Tacoma is available in six trim levels that include SR, SR5, TRD, TRD Sport, TRD Off Road, Limited, and TRD Pro Trim.


The new Tacoma truck has a low roof line and a high floor that might make it slightly uncomfortable for tall passengers. The driver's seat and the front passenger seats come with ample padding to enhance your comfort when driving over long distances. The truck's base trim, however, does not offer adjustable front seats as standard. If you purchase the extended truck configuration, you will get a back-hinged door that opens to expose a space that you can use to store small items. If you have to choose between the extended truck and the crew cab, you should go for the crew cabs although you might have concerns about the upright back seats because they come with limited legroom. Buyers of the extended cabs have the option of ordering them with a 5-foot short bed while the crew cabs feature both the 5-foot short bed and the long 6-foot bed. Generally, the 2019 Tacoma has a sturdy feel and is available in different attractive textures and colors.


Toyota ensured that the styling of the new Tacoma truck is distinctive although this is not a preference for everybody. It is distinguished from other mid-sized pickup trucks in the same class by its high-riding stance, upright front end, and flared fenders. The model is available to buyers as either extended or crew cab configuration. Buyers also have the option of enjoying a power moon roof although they will have to incur an extra cost for it. At the front, the new Tacoma truck features a tall grille that sits on it almost vertically. The model has headlights that sweep back to the truck's fenders. It has big wheel openings that are supported by fender flares available in different colors based on the trim level you buy that give it a rugged appearance. To ensure that the truck can be related to its predecessors, the manufacturer has ensured that there is a windowsill at its back end. For a unique finish, the 2019 Tacoma truck from Toyota features a stamped tailgate.


The base engine of the new Tacoma truck from Toyota is a 2.7L inline four-cylinder engine that has a 159 horsepower although a majority of those who buy the model opt for the 3.5 L V-6 engine that can achieve an impressive horsepower of 278. A majority of the V-6 Tacoma engines comes coupled with a six-speed manual transmission with an option of coupling them with a six-speed automatic transmission. The inline-4 engine is ideal for in-town maneuverability although it could get overworked when carrying passengers and 2 tons of luggage on the highway.


The new Tacoma truck from Toyota seems prepared to tackle almost every challenge thrown at it based on its mechanical prowess. If you want more power, however, the V-6 engine might not offer you the power although it will give you a smooth drive. A majority of the people who buy the Tacoma truck, therefore, opt for the manual transmission although you will have issues with its long throws that you might find quite uncomfortable. The 2019 Tacoma truck comes fitted with separate ladder frames that have a leaf-spring back axle coupled with an independent front suspension. You can expect a long highway drive on the Tacoma truck to be a bouncy ride although, for a stiffer and comfortable ride, you could go for the TRD Pro that features Fox shocks.


The 2019 Tacoma truck features advanced safety features just like its predecessors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for instance, gave the 2019 Tacoma truck an overall four-star rating although the model features advanced safety features. Some of the standard safety features for this model are an automatic emergency braking, an adaptive cruise control, a pedestrian detection, and lane-departure warnings. To take advantage of advanced safety features like blind spot monitors, buyers of the 2019 Toyota Tacoma have to go for the higher trim levels. The IIHS gave the model a 'Good' score for both the crew-cab and the extended version configurations with 'Superior' safety ratings for the collision-avoidance technology. The IIHS identified the model's headlights as the only reason for the model not receiving a 'Top Safety Pick award.'

2019 Toyota Tundra

Vehicle Overview

Are you interested in buying a 2019 Toyota Tundra truck? If you are, you should consider visiting Young Toyota dealership. Young Toyota is a manufacturer-certified dealership that offers dealership for both new and used Tundra trucks. At our dealership, we currently have a wide variety of Tundra truck models that you could consider buying. Moreover, we provide great deals on both new and used trucks. The 2019 Tundra truck retained its predecessor's design and did not get a redesign as most of its loyalists expected. Below is a highlight of the features that define the 2019 Tundra trucks:


The new Tundra truck from Toyota features a spacious cabin crew, implying that it can offer comfort to the whole family. If you want a simple truck that can double up as a family vehicle for a family of five or less, you should choose the 2019 Tundra truck. The new Tundra truck comes fitted with the manufacturer's Entune System that supports smartphone integration. The model is available as an extended-cab configuration in three trim levels (SR, SR5, and Limited). A back bench seat is standard for the base trim and SR5 although buckets featuring a center console are now common for the model. The second-row passengers have a limited legroom although it can accommodate adult passengers for short-distance travels. The model has a flat back seat that is upright with adequate legroom for the rear passengers. Based on the cab you buy, the new Toyota Tundra trucks could come with 5.5, 6.5, or 8.1 foot beds.


Based on the trim level you go for, there are outstanding exterior features that made the 2019 Tundra truck standout. The new Tundra truck features big-rig angles although it largely remains similar to its predecessors. The manufacturer managed to bring out some of the big-truck characteristics in the new truck because it comes with a tall grille, big badges, and chunky fenders. The model can be bought as either an extended or crew-cab truck which gives buyers the opportunity to choose what works for them better. The crew-cab truck stills remains a favorite for many Tundra enthusiasts because it comes fitted with wide doors and a long cab that is very spacious.


The manufacturer has retained the model's simple lineup powertrain. The base engine for the new Tundra truck will feature a V-8 5.7 L engine that provides drivers with a lot of power although the model's maneuverability is not impressive. The V-8 engine is accompanied with a 6-speed auto transmission with an option of either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The base engine can achieve a horsepower of 381 hp. with a torque of 401 lb-ft for the 5.7 L V-8 engines that are standard for the higher trim levels. The 4.6 L V-8 engines can achieve a horsepower of 310 and 327 lb-ft torque when accompanied with a 6-speed auto transmission for the SR and SR5 trims. The 5.7 L V-8 engine gives you increased towing capacity and can achieve 10,300 pounds.


The 2019 Tundra truck will offer you a soft and composed ride. The truck has a tail that can bounce around, which is common for the full-size pickups in the market. Toyota has ensured that the new Tundra truck has a steering wheel that feels more heft as compared to other trucks in the same class and price range. The model's turning radius is very wide, and this can be inconveniencing for you if you have to park in confined urban settings. If you want to buy the Tundra truck for the off-road, you should consider going for the TRD Pro because it features improved Fox shocks for a cosseting ride.


To boost the Tundra's sales, the manufacturer has ensured that the 2019 Tundra model undergoes considerable improvements to its safety features. The 2019 Tundra has been fitted with active safety gear. The new Tundra truck now comes fitted with active safety features such as an automatic emergency braking, an adaptive cruise control, a pedestrian detection, automatic high-beam headlights, and a lane departure warning as standard safety features. The blind spot monitoring is an optional safety package for the 2019 Tundra. The new Tundra truck also gives drivers access to enhanced safety features at an affordable cost as compared to what other trucks in the same price range offer. The IIHS rated the 2018 Tundra truck with good scores with the extended and crew-cab models earning 'acceptable' and 'marginal' safety scores. The new Tundra truck is expected to achieve the same scores or higher. It is important to note that no Tundra truck has ever earned a Top Safety Pick. For an enhanced safety, therefore, you should consider going for the optional safety package that comes with the blind spot monitoring feature.

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